Residence Hall Information and Floorplans

If you are looking for more information about our residence halls, please visit our website.

We also have the floor plans of all our residence halls for students to review as they are looking for more informaiton about each building.

Main Officereslife@bc.edu
Residential Life Employmentreslifejobs@bc.edu
Living Learning Communitieslivinglearning@bc.edu
Summer Housingsumhouse@bc.edu
Room Selectionplacement@bc.edu
Room Assignmentsplacement@bc.edu
Room Changesplacement@bc.edu and your RD
Proof of Residencyplacement@bc.edu
Facilities Work Order Centerfacilities@bc.edu
Campus Resource
Contact Information
Housing Appeals for Academic Year 2023-2024 & Spring 2024 academic year are now being accepted.

If you do not have 2023-2024 academic year or Spring 2024 semester guaranteed on-campus housing, you can now appeal for housing. Please read the entire page carefully as there is pertinant information to the process. If you are not sure how many years of housing you were given from admissions in your Admit Letter, please look to the left of the page.

Please Find Your Spring 2024 Roommate Information Below: