Reunion Housing Options

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1)     Please complete your registration and payment at once. A five-minute period of inactivity will cause the system to log you off and you will need to contact the reunion weekend hotline (617-552-1865) in order to complete the process.


·         Before starting your registration please make sure you have the following information readily available: 

·        Direct Roommate Number (If Applicable – see below)  

·        Group Leader Number (If Applicable – see below) 

·        Credit Card Information 


2)     If you would like to bring a guest, please select the option “W/Guest”. This person will be placed with you as your Direct Roommate. Guests under the age of 21 are not allowed to stay in the residence halls.  

·        Direct Roommate Requests: If you wish to be in the same room with someone who is registering separately, please include their registration number here.


3)     Group Requests: Groups of 8 (4 for 5th Anniversary Class) may be formed to be in the same suite. Due to limited space, you cannot reserve an entire room or suite for yourself. If you and ALL of your chosen suite mates do not register by the deadline of May 20, 2014 and fill the suite entirely, the suite will be filled with other alumni.  Due to large numbers of registrants expected this year, it is also possible that a few groups of 8 will be placed into residence halls that only contain suites of 4; in that situation, the groups will be split up into two groups of 4. Direct Roommates will always be placed together. Please choose a group leader to begin the process.


·         Group Leader: Must register first. A registration number will appear on the final screen of your registration (confirmation emails will also be sent and contain your registration number). Please forward this number to your friends.


·         Group Members: Please include your group leader’s registration number in the group registration number field.



4)     We cannot accommodate room blocking. All classes will be in rooms of 8 with the exception of the 5th Anniversary Class who will be housed in Edmonds that only accommodates 4 people per suite, and a small number of other alumni who will be placed into suites of 4 (see #3 above).


5)     To start your registration, please select a Conference, then View Conference Details. (“Conference” indicates which specific night(s) of Reunion Weekend you’d like to stay on campus, and whether you plan to register with a guest.)



6)     Please do not use your browser’s forward or back button.


7)     Please note that at the end of the process when your payment goes through, your registration is incomplete unless you click “To continue with your registration click here”. If you close the window after paying, you will be charged but you will not receive a confirmation email.

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